Hunan Xiaoxiang Digital Television

Hunan Xiaoxiang is the sole digital television network operator in the Hunan Province to provide various technical support services for Hunan Broadcast Television Network Company Limited including the design and sales of digitalization equipment and the development and rental of digital set-top boxes. Hunan Xiaoxiang also operates the TV play-out platform and customer management system of digital TV network in the Hunan Province and provides program package to the subscribers of the Hunan Provincial Television Network Company.

Super Car Service Company Limited

Super Car operates more than 13 years and joined Code in December 2015. Since its incorporation, we provide “Client-oriented Quality Services” and are committed to the introduction, development and operation of high-tech products and technologies into car beauty industry.

While maintaining the high-qualify car beauty and maintenance services, Super Car will also allocate more resources to the used car dealing, trading of motor parts or other car related areas. We aim at providing more comprehensive services for the car owner.

Success Start Limited

Success Start has successfully applied for the Money Lenders License in March 2016, Money Lenders License Number 0548/2018. It is mainly engaged in personal loans and property mortgage loans.

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